Employee Benefits

As employee benefit costs continue their double-digit climb, employers seek innovative solutions. 4N1Fund & Insurance Solutions has partnered with Combined Worksite Solutions, a division of Combined Insurance Company of America, a member of the ACE Group of companies, to provide employee paid benefit programs that go beyond traditional supplemental insurance, to enhance existing employee benefit products.

Section 79 Plans

Section 79 permits businesses to offer group life insurance / retirement benefits to employees. The employer pays the premiums and is able to deduct the full amount. The Treasury Regulations for Section 79 states that group term life insurance may be combined with permanent benefits. This strategy has the potential to give participating employees coverage that can last beyond the date of their retirement or separation from service, and supplemental Tax-Free retirement income.


Professional Athletes have a window of opportunity, and when that time runs out or is cut short by injury, you must have a plan in place. 4N1Fund has tailored our successful and secure retirement product to fit a Professional Athletes concerns. 4N1FundSports enables an Athlete to maintain and afford the lifestyle they're accustomed during retirement. The 4N1FundSports plan is funded quickly (only 5-years) during an Athletes dominate income years. Visit 4N1FundSports.com to learn more.

4 Benefits in 1

The majority of retirement accounts only provide one benefit: the potential for growth. Yet, incorporating 4N1Fund's retirement solution provides Tax-Free Income, Life Insurance Protection, Performance based on a major Index, and Personal Crisis Protection. This means your contributions are stretched farther, and your dollar is more powerful. 4N1Fund's unique retirement solution can be incorporated into most strategic plans, and structured for small business to national companies.